St Mary's Primary School

About St Mary's Primary School

St Mary’s Primary school is the oldest continuously operating school in Victoria. In May 1842, the school was originally a timber chapel, where Mary and the Sisters of Saint Joseph began to teach children within the area. When the school was first built the first principal/teacher was Mr. John Wilson. 

In relation to the founder of the school, Mary MacKillop is celebrated and respected throughout the everyday operations of the school and through the teachings offered at the school. The school celebrates the feast day of St Mary of the Cross on August 8th with a whole school Mass.Inspirational quotes that were said by Mary MacKillop are included in the weekly newsletter so that the entire school community can reflect upon her sayings that can be seen to be relevant to the everyday lives in today’s society. 


St.. Mary’s Parish supports the St Mary’s Primary School through the Catholic faith and the works of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. This is evident through the connection they have when celebrating Catholic events and celebrations in relation to St Mary and the Catholic faith.

School Principal - Anthony Hockey 

Deputy Principle - Laura Graham

School Office/Reception - Helene Albergo and Madeleine Grace

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