Marriage within the Roman Catholic Tradition

Marriage is a convent by which two people establish a partnership between themselves for a lifetime. When a couple marries in the Catholic Church, the ceremony speaks of love, permanent commitment, fidelity, openness to children, and perseverance in good times and bad. There is something sacred about marriage in comparison to other human relationships that can be formed between two people. 

The loving communion that exists between a husband and wife is the clearest sign and indication available of the extent to which God loves the human family. That's why the scriptures use so many marital images to describe God's relationship between God and God's people. 

The Catholic Church has requirements before Catholics can be considered validly married in the eyes of the Church. A valid Catholic marriage results from the spouses being free to marry, they freely exchange their consent and in consenting to marry, they have the intention to be married for life, to be faithful for one another and be open in having children. In order to give this type of consent to be married, it will be given in the canonical form which is in the presence of two witnesses and before a properly authorised church minister. 


Marriage at St. Mary's Parish, Williamstown

We welcome your enquiry about celebrating your marriage in the Parish Church of 

St. Mary's, Williamstown. 

The Parish Priest of St. Mary's, (Fr.) Greg Trythall, is willing to celebrate the marriage of any couple where either the Catholic bride or Catholic groom is a parishioner, that is, a resident in the parish. 

Where neither bride nor groom is a parishioner, the couple can speak to (Fr.) Greg Trythall about performing the marriage or you may engage another priest who will prepare you for marriage, complete the documentation and celebrate the marriage on the day. 

Date and Time of Marriage

You are welcome to contact the Presbytery office and make a tentative booking for your wedding date, however, the booking will only be secured once the “Request for Marriage at 

St. Mary’s Williamstown” form has been returned and the deposit of $400 has been received. 


You are required to provide the following documents to the priest who is performing your wedding ceremony: 

  • Baptism Certificate: These can be obtained from the church where you were baptised. A self-stamped, addressed envelope along  with your personal details need’s  to be sent to the Parish Priest. 

  • Birth certificate: An extract of your birth certificate is sufficient as the priest will only need to sight it, he will not retain it.  

  • If either party has been married before: If either party has been   married before - ANYWHERE - the Catholic Marriage Tribunal (phone - 9639 4211) alone can declare them free to marry in the  Catholic Church. Please speak with (Fr.)  Greg in relation to th

Further Information


The colour scheme of the flowers in the church is white and cream (neutral). It is normal for there to be more than one wedding each weekend and as such, it is not possible to provide colours which suit every individual wedding party. 


There is a pipe organ and an electric organ in the church, both of which are fantastic for a wedding. 

There is also the option of bringing your own CD or iPod with your choice of music. 

The following are musicians who are available to play at weddings: 

• Angela Zangari  Organist/Vocalist  0414 532 201 

• Jan Maine  Vocalist  9397 5168 

• Rosanna Camenzuli  Organist/Vocalist  9390 8618 / 0425 751 230 

You are more than welcome to have any other musicians of your choice. 

It is the responsibility of the couple to contact and provide payment to their musician directly. 


Photographs and video are permitted in the church during the ceremony. However, during the bible readings and sermon, the photographer and video recorder should remain seated.  


There is to be no confetti, rice or flower petals thrown inside or outside  the church. (You will find this is normal at all churches these days). 

Please advise your guests accordingly. Should you wish, bubbles are acceptable.  

Wedding Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal is normally arranged a few days prior to the wedding. The bride and groom need to firstly arrange this with the presiding priest of the ceremony and then with either

 Kylie Skinner or Heidi Zahra of the St. Mary’s Presbytery office. 


Should you wish to cancel your booking, you will need to do so in writing via email ( Cancellations will not be taken via telephone. 

Any money you have paid will be refunded, apart from an administration cost of $50.00.  

Should you have any further queries in relation to having your wedding ceremony at St. Mary’s Williamstown, please contact either Kylie Skinner or Heidi Zahra at the Presbytery office on 

9397 6066.